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Allied Acupuncture Gold Coast

Do you want natural, safe, effective solutions, not harmful ones?

Have you heard that Acupuncture could help?

Do you want a central, easy to get to clinic with plenty of free parking?


Benefits Of Acupuncture

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Pain Free

Let us help you get out of pain and stay out of pain.

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Energy & Vitality

Boost your energy, mood, and vitality.



Get back to doing the activities that you truly love.

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Quality Of Life

There's nothing more important than improving your quality of life.

Are We Right For You?

We understand that everyone is on their own unique journey.

We understand that our services may not be for everyone.

We believe that you owe it to yourself to make the best possible decision.

How Your Healing Journey Can Unfold

Whether you've been in an accident, injured yourself through activity, slowly noticed symptoms develop over time, or you've already been dealing with pain or health issues for years, we're here to help.

The journey from dysfunction to recovery is a process. We created this infographic to provide perspective and insight into your own body and how the healing process occurs through Acupuncture.

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Acupuncture Gold Coast.png

This process is a generalisation based on our experience. Your journey is unique and may not strictly follow this plan but it will look similar. The main variation for most people is the time between each step.

As a general rule, the shorter the time you have had your symptoms, the quicker your treatment progress will be.

Results Driven

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We always proceed with the end goal in mind. The sooner we can get you better and 'graduated' out of our care, the happier you will be, and the more satisfied we will feel - it's a win-win.

We do our best to give you an honest opinion of how long your condition will likely take to resolve, however please bear in mind that everyone responds differently and only your body knows how long it will truly take.

In order to ensure we are on track, we constantly and carefully monitor your progress through our specifically designed feedback processes. If we’re not seeing the results we’d like then we stop, re-assess, and re-adjust as needed. This can include referral for further diagnostics, alternative or adjunct therapy.

Our Commitment

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We love nothing more than working with clients who are as motivated and committed as we are to achieving your health goals. We know what Acupuncture can do, we've seen the benefits time and again, so we're committed to keeping you motivated and on track to reach your potential.



We are committed to your health


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Initial Consultation & Treatment $85

Follow Up Treatment $68

Concession Rates

(Concession = Full time student, pension, military, emergency services.)

Initial Consultation & Treatment $69

Follow Up Treatment $55

Treatment Packages - 20% OFF*

(* 3-Packs must be used within 7 days)

‘Initial’ 3-Pack $177 ($221 value)

Concession ‘Initial’ 3-Pack $143 ($179 value)

‘Follow Up’ 3-Pack $163 ($204 value)

Concession ‘Follow Up’ 3-Pack $132 ($165 value)

Private health fund rebates available