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Nov 23

Dr Scott Baker of Allied Acupuncture Gold Coast is highly experienced at using distal and local electro-acupuncture treatment strategies for the treatment back, neck and shoulder pain. .

These conditions are so common in today’s society that they are the number one musculoskeletal pain conditions we see in clinical practice.

These conditions have a multitude of possible causes including:

  • Repetitive stress or strain
  • Tight muscles
  • Deviations in the spine, shoulders or hips
  • Surgery
  • Bone growths, degradation (arthritis) or deformities
  • Bulging or herniated discs from accidents and injury

Pain can vary widely from a dull ache, to sharp stabbing pain to debilitating weakness, or burning/electric nerve pain. It can vary from constant to being either worse in the morning and improving throughout the day, or better in the morning and worsening as the day goes on. These variations can tell your treating practitioner a lot about the nature of your pain.

Low back pain is particularly common and the most recent high level scientific research evidence supports acupuncture as a treatment intervention for chronic non-specific low back pain 1.

Interestingly the American College of Physicians – an influential medical body – recently released its recommendations for treating low back pain and stated that non-drug treatments MUST be recommended by doctors first, before resorting to drugs.  They recommended acupuncture as a front line treatment. This non-drug treatment stance is related to the Centre for Disease Control’s (CDC) finding that opioid (pain killer) drug use and abuse had become an ‘epidemic’, and that more people now die from drug overdose (prescription and elicit) in the USA than motor vehicle accidents.

Upper back, shoulder and neck issues can also involve a variety of pain sensations, limited range of movement, headaches and tension, nerve pain, arm/wrist pain. These conditions impact severely on quality of life and can cause sleeplessness and reduced mobility. Many people who suffer these conditions experience an inability to work or sleep well and their quality of life suffers significantly as a result.

In this area the most common problems Dr Baker sees in clinic are variations of “Tech Neck” a condition that develops due to posture during prolonged use of phones/laptops etc. Left unchecked this can develop into Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. Common symptoms include pain on the medial border of the shoulder blade, painful knots in the trapezius or neck, tension in the neck and possible headaches, and even pain, numbness or tingling in the arm, wrist or hands.

According to the highest level of scientific evidence “acupuncture may be an effective and safe method in relieving persistent head and neck myofacial pain” 2. This is relfected in Dr Baker’s clinical results.

First line choices for shoulder pain should include exercise in combination with acupuncture according to the research 3. Dr Baker recommends being assessed by a physiotherapist and receiving tailored exercises for your particular condition to support your acupuncture treatment protocol.

Some people experience recurring episodes of back, neck or shoulder pain throughout there lives. Generally this occurs whenever they ignore warning signs, push themselves too hard or during times of stress. If you feel a chronic back, neck or shoulder issue coming on, it is ideal to seek out treatment as soon as you can rather than pushing through the pain hoping it will go away to prevent it progressing to its most severe level. This should result in faster resolution and prevent increases in severity before it develops into a debilitating level of pain.

Dr Scott Baker is a registered acupuncturist practicing in Burleigh Waters, Gold Coast. To find out if he may be able to assist with pain, fertility, digestion, hormones, sinus, allergies or other conditions call and book a consultation today or book online at

Allied Acupuncture Gold Coast, 2 Executive Drive, Burleigh Waters. 07 5522 1691.

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