Your First Appointment

At Allied Acupuncture we believe in consistency and quality so we have developed our own comprehensive Initial Consultation process to ensure you get the best possible care.

Below is an outline of what you can expect during your Initial Consultation. 


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The specific details, techniques, and even flow may vary in adaptation to your specific case, however this gives you a very good idea of what you can expect from us.

What to expect:
We mainly needle your arms (elbow to hand), legs (knee to foot), & head and we tend to avoid needling the actual area of your pain. We feel there are quite a few benefits for you, the client:

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  • There's no need for you to undress or have concerns about your physical privacy.

  • By avoiding the local area of pain, you won't be poked and prodded with a needle in a highly inflamed, tight, or painful area which tends to be very unpleasant!

  • You get to lay comfortably on your back, propped up with as many or little pillows as you'd like.

  • There's no need lay in awkward positions, or with your head face-down in the massage table (which can squash your face and sometimes cause headaches!).

  • We can easily treat you if you're in a wheelchair or even just sitting down if that's more comfortable for you.

  • We can also mostly avoid the common initial aggravation and irritation of your current condition that local needling can cause, which ultimately results in a more pleasant healing journey.

There are of course other reasons why we prefer this method of Acupuncture, which relate more to your physiology than your enhanced experience in the treatment room:

  • Our classical Chinese Medical texts refer to the Acupuncture points from the fingers to the elbow and from the toes to the knee as some of the most powerful points in the body. Some of these Acupuncture points are known as the Five Shu Points, Luo Connecting Points, and Yuan Source Points.

  • Modern science has shown that there are a higher concentration of nerve fibres the closer we get to the hands and feet and on your head (see Cortical Homunculus).

  • Modern science has also shown that some of Acupuncture's physiological mechanisms are associated with nerve fibres and brain activity (reference).

  • By inserting small Acupuncture needles into these areas with higher nerve density, we believe that we are able to invoke a strong healing response through this increase in brain activity (what we call 'lighting up the brain').

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Here at Allied Acupuncture we do things a little differently to your typical Acupuncturist or Dry Needling Practitioner (obviously in a good way, according to us!).

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