Acupuncture for Stroke Rehabilitation (Gold Coast)


[Evidence: Potential Positive Effect]

Acupuncture may be effective for treating post-stroke neurological impairment and dysfunction such as dysphagia (127).

Acute Stroke

[Evidence: Potential Positive Effect]

Acupuncture plus rehabilitation is superior to rehabilitation alone for acute and subacute stroke symptoms (128).

Electro-acupuncture is superior to usual care for the following medical assessment measures: Barthel Index, Fugl-Meyer Assessment, National Institutes of Health Stoke Scale, and Revised Scandinavian Stroke Scale (129).

Stroke Rehabilitation

[Evidence: Potential Positive Effect]

Acupuncture may have beneficial effects on improving dependency, global neurological deficiency, and some specific neurological impairments (130).

Post-Stroke Spasticity

[Evidence: Potential Positive Effect]

Acupuncture or electro-acupuncture significantly decreased spasticity after stroke (131).
Acupuncture improved passive resistance to stretching, degree of personal dependence and motor function (132).

Post-Stroke Insomnia

[Evidence: Potential Positive Effect]

Acupuncture superior to shame acupuncture and to medication for post-stroke insomnia (133).

Post-Stroke Shoulder Pain

[Evidence: Potential Positive Effect]

Acupuncture plus rehabilitation superior to rehabilitation alone for post-stroke shoulder pain (134).


Reviews reporting all individual RCTs or pooled effects across RCTs as positive, but the reviewers deeming the evidence insufficient to draw firm conclusions. The quality of evidence is rated as moderate or high quality.

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