Frequently Asked Questions About Acupuncture

Acupuncture is recommended by the World Health Organisation and major international health bodies for treating a wide range of conditions due to its evidence of effectiveness and safety.

This is why almost all private health funds provide rebates for Acupuncture treatment, which you can instantly claim through our HICAPS terminal.

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How Does Acupuncture Work?

Acupuncturists use very fine filament needles to influence neuro-vascular (nerves & blood vessels) and tendino-muscular (tendons & muscles) networks, stimulating your body's own healing mechanisms.

From an overwhelming amount of clinical research data we know that Acupuncture can trigger the release of your body's own super-strong pain killers, reduce inflammation, moderate hormones, alter blood flow, and even influence your nervous system to change pain signalling pathways (reference). During this process your body may relax into the parasympathetic (rest and digest) state, which helps to regulate a vast variety of conditions.

Honestly though, science is still discovering exactly how Acupuncture works because it can do so much. Just remember that although the results can sometimes be dramatic and life changing, it's not magic, everybody responds differently, and achieving your health goals can take time.

Is Acupuncture safe?

Acupuncture is recognised as a safe modality by virtually all major health authorities, including the World Health Organization (WHO). In our experience, it is extremely safe, especially when performed by our highly qualified and experienced Acupuncturists.

Does Acupuncture hurt?

Yes it’s torture! Just kidding. You’ll barely feel most of the needles but yes, sometimes they can hurt, however only for a matter of seconds. Balance Method Acupuncture is a very gentle approach to treatment that maximises your comfort (click here to learn more). On the odd ocasion you might have a sore spot or a bruise after treatment but that’s about as bad as it gets.

What can Acupuncture treat?

Check out a list of conditions here.

What if I hate needles?

Nobody likes needles! Despite that fact, we have many clients who hate needles and continue to come for regular treatment because they know it helps them, so it’s worth it. Just to give you some perspective, over 20 of our Acupuncture needles can fit INSIDE a single hypodermic needle used by doctors and nurses (which is what most people think of when they hear ‘needle’), they are really that tiny!

How long will it take to fix me?

It COMPLETELY depends on the following factors:

1)      Your specific condition. The nature and complexity (e.g. a minor ankle sprain vs a severe auto-immune disease or neuropathy), the duration of your symptoms, and the severity of your condition will all directly influence how long it will take to resolve.

2)      How well you respond to Acupuncture. Everyone responds differently to Acupuncture, ranging from not at all, to amazing 1 treatment fixes.

3)      How consistent you can be. In simple terms, the more treatment you have and the more frequently you have it, the better the outcome will be. For many conditions, coming in for treatment every 3-4 days typically yields the best results.

4)      How much effort you put in. Depending on your condition and circumstances, you will likely need to avoid aggravating factors and implement some form of self-care (such as regular heat-pack use or physical exercises). The more effort you put in outside of the treatment room the quicker your recovery will be.

For many conditions, you need to give it 4 treatments before we can give you a clear answer on how long it will take – this allows us to gauge your progress based on the factors mentioned above. For many other conditions, you will already be better by then!

How much does Acupuncture cost?

Ultimately, that answer completely depends on the 4 factors previously mentioned above. We offer very competitive prices so you can get the amount of care you need. We want you to get better. Call us on 07 5522 1691 or email us to discuss your condition.

How long will my appointment take?

Allow up to 60 minutes for your consultation & treatment. We also recommended you arrive 5-10 minutes early for your first appointment so you can fill out your intake form, or alternatively, you can download (click here) and complete your forms before you arrive.

What should I wear?

It’s best to wear loose-fitting comfortable clothes that can roll up above your knees and elbows. However, it’s not a big deal so don’t worry about changing your clothes if you’re coming straight from work or wherever, we can easily adapt to what you’re wearing.

How should I prepare for my first Acupuncture treatment?

Make sure you are hydrated and switch your phone to silent. Those are the only things. Also it’s not a good idea to have much alcohol before a treatment.


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