About ‘Balance Method’ Acupuncture

Balance Method Acupuncture is renowned for its immediate, powerful effects, especially for pain relief. There are many videos on Youtube of the late Dr Tan and his dedicated students (who carry on his legacy) demonstrating the immediate and powerful pain relief with Balance Method Acupuncture.

The immediate effect of the Balance Method is a powerful demonstration of the way Acupuncture stimulates the body. It serves as an excellent reminder that every treatment is promoting healing and a return to homeostasis, even when circumstances do not allow for immediate symptomatic relief.

Dr Tan makes it look so easy, but it takes dedication to master this style and few practitioners specialise in it. Dr Scott Baker of Allied Acupuncture is a dedicated Balance Method practitioner, one of only two on the Gold Coast.

What makes the Balance Method so powerful?

Acupuncture is a lot like martial arts; there are many different styles and in the past they were closely guarded secrets passed down only from a master to a small group of students over a lifetime. Bruce Lee famously broke that tradition. He mastered one style, then in striving to create the best fighting system in the world he adopted the strengths of every other fighting style he came across and removed what was not necessary. He broke tradition and taught these secrets to anybody who wished to learn them. In Acupuncture, Dr Richard Teh-Fu Tan did something very similar.

Dr Tan created a system of Acupuncture that combined the knowledge and styles of Master Tung, Dr Chao Chen, Fang Yun Peng, Young Wei Chieh, Yoshio Manaka, Lee Kui Chen and others. Ancient lineages of Acupuncture that had never been combined. That system is the ‘Balance Method’.

So is Acupuncture a miracle one-treatment cure?

No, of course not. This powerful stimulation of the body must be repeated with consistency to achieve lasting improvement. Acupuncture is a treatment therapy, and just like any other therapy it requires consistent application by a skilled practitioner who can customise the treatment as the condition resolves and shifts.

How much Acupuncture treatment will I need?

The ideal treatment frequency for serious conditions is every 3-4 days (twice a week). The amount of treatment required varies greatly from person to person. Treatment continues over several weeks or months until the symptoms are significantly improved between treatments, at which point treatment frequency is reduced to once per week. Once your symptoms are gone you may need to receive monthly maintenance treatments for recurring issues.

What if I can only come in once a week?

Your recovery will simply take a little longer. These powerful treatment strategies still simulate the body to heal. With less frequent treatment plus more time for the condition to become aggravated between treatments the progress is just a little slower.

Does Acupuncture only treat pain?

No. Numbness, tingling, nerve pain, menstrual cramps, endometriosis pain, nausea, burning sensations, internal disease, chronic disease, mood disorders and more can respond just as well.

Is there always immediate pain relief with Acupuncture?

Again, no. As Dr Tan used to say, if the structural damage is causing constant aggravation there may not be immediate relief, or if there is, the pain may return quickly. It is important to understand that these treatment strategies are having just as much impact on the body either way and that the underlying structures are being stimulated to resolve.

How long does pain relief from Acupuncture last?

It’s different for everybody and it depends on how much the issue is being aggravated by structural damage and physical movement. Relief can last for days, or just a few hours, and it can be up and down. With consistent treatment the period of relief becomes longer and more stable until the condition has resolved as much as possible. This is why consistent treatment is so important.

Does that mean that Acupuncture won’t work for me if I have structural damage?

No. With consistent treatment many issues involving significant structural damage can be largely resolved. Unfortunately you don’t as much immediate relief between treatments. Research has shown acupuncture to be an effective treatment for such issues as knee osteoarthritis, back pain from bulged discs and damaged vertebrae, nerve impingement, sprains, tendonitis, frozen shoulder, recovery from surgery, stroke rehabilitation, digestive issues, mental health, hormone imbalances, and much more.


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